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Top 7 Best Pizza Stone America’s Test Kitchen Reviews 2021

If you are here it means you are looking for the best pizza stone america’s test kitchen 2021. Both summer meals with friends and for cold winter evenings, pizza is a dish that the French love to taste! Especially since it is possible to multiply the recipes to infinity.

Sweet and salty, vegetarian, with lots of cheese, you can’t get enough of it. However, to be able to feast, you have to succeed in your pizza. Because the dough must be crisp and the ingredients still soft. To meet these requirements, nothing better than a pizza stone!

What is a pizza stone and what for?

Varying from 1 to 6 centimeters in thickness, depending on the materials used and the models, the pizza stone is a culinary accessory that is placed in a previously heated traditional oven.

The pizza is then placed on the stone, the oven turned off. Cooks quickly and evenly; what a traditional oven does not always allow; your dish will be succulent and appearing to come straight from a professional pizzeria! Ideal if you don’t have the budget to buy a pizza oven.

But it is not confined to that, because it allows you to bake bread and other pastries. For this use, the stone does not then need to be preheated by the traditional oven. Some people, finally, use it during barbecue, to cook grilled food.

A versatile accessory that knows how to find its place in any kitchen.

List of the top rated best pizza stone america’s test kitchen

  1. Amazy Pizza Stone: The best-selling
  2. Hans Pizza Stone by Baking Stone For Pizzas
  3. ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone Baking
  4. LEVIVO Pizza Stone
  5. amzdeal Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven
  6. Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking
  7. Solido Pizza Baking Stone

1. Amazy Pizza Stone: The best-selling

If you like both savory dishes and pastries, you’ll love Amazy’s pizza stone  ! It allows you to cook all pizzas evenly, but also homemade tarts flambé. Breakfasts will also be in the spotlight because this stone is suitable for baking chocolate or bread. Whether you want to use it in your kitchen or on your barbecue, as long as it runs on gas or charcoal, everything is fine.

The dough is light and crisp. Your guests will be amazed. The material used here is cordierite. Ultra heat resistant, you will be able to keep this culinary accessory for years. Beautiful dimensions, this stone allows you to cook large pizzas. Small bonus, you will find a wooden shovel to take your dish out of the oven. This pizza stone weighs over 3 kilos.

Food-grade cordierite brings great strength to this utensil, which must however be handled gently. The price is absolutely correct, for such a good result.

2. Hans Pizza Stone by Baking Stone For Pizzas

Delivered with an ultra long pizza peel, you will no longer be afraid of burning yourself while having pizza parties at home! This stone by Hans Grill is made with cordierite, which quickly makes it hot and allows your Italian dish to cook evenly. Measuring 38 centimeters, you can cover it with a very large pizza to delight your family.

It only takes a few minutes ( between 5 and 12 minutes on average) to ensure a properly cooked meal. Breads, pizzas, flamekueche, barbecue, nothing scares him. It only fears cold water, just after use. Give it time to cool completely. It weighs almost 3.6 kilos empty.

A homemade pizza with the flavor of a professional pizza, we approve, especially as the purchase price is very correct. A good product and sturdy material for long product durability.

3. ROCKSHEAT Pizza Stone Baking

Smaller than the competing models shown here, the ROCKSHEAT pizza baking stone nevertheless has the dimensions required to bake a pizza of 25 centimeters in diameter. It can work equally well in conventional ovens, but also on barbecues running on charcoal or gas.

The cordierite with which it is designed resists more than 1200°. With a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, this pizza stone ensures maximum longevity. With it, pizzas, breads, pastries and other quiches and cakes can be baked to perfection. A product of excellent quality, without increasing the purchase price, which is very low.

Beautiful thickness of this stone, which suggests a good durability of the product. Its reduced dimensions facilitate storage after use.

4. LEVIVO Pizza Stone

Among the selection of pizza stones available, Les Very Goods spotted this model by Levivo offering excellent value for money. It is a refractory stone measuring approximately 30 x 38 x 1.5 cm.

It is made of cordierite, a very refractory and heat-resistant natural mineral. This material is able to store a maximum of heat to distribute it evenly over your preparations. It will be perfect for large pizzas, tarts flambes and other dishes that come out of the oven or the grill.

In addition, the porosity of the stone allows to absorb the humidity and liquids of your pizzas and pies in order to obtain very crispy results. The Levivo bread and pizza stone quickly cooks your preparations and allows them to retain all their flavors. Note that this stone is available in two different thicknesses: 1.5 cm or 3 cm and can therefore adapt to all your needs. 

5. amzdeal Pizza Stone for Grill and Oven

For this next product, we have selected a pizza stone by Amzdeal. Thanks to its porous material, it absorbs excess water and allows you to get a crispy pizza. It also offers very fast cooking, in just a few minutes, ideal for retaining all the flavor of food.

It is made of high quality cordierite and has good resistance to high temperatures up to 1200°C. A versatile baking tool, it helps you make pizzas, pies or rolls, in the oven or on a barbecue.

It measures approximately 40 x 28.8 x 1.2 cm, ideal dimensions for standard size pizzas. With the stone, is included a shovel that makes it easier for you to position your preparations on the stone once the latter is hot. Finally,the stone comes in a lovely box which makes it a perfect gift for friends or family. 

6. Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking

This pizza stone by Navaris can be used to bake pizza dough, baguettes, or any other type of bread, tarts flambes, cakes and much more according to your needs. Indeed, thanks to its large surface area of ​​35 cm in diameter, it is versatile. It can also be used on a wood fire, a gas or charcoal barbecue.

In short, it is a very practical kitchen utensil which accompanies you in many achievements. The round stone is made of Cordierite, weighs approximately 3.63 kg and can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.

Its sturdy, quality material makes it strong but also allows it to hold the temperature longer than baking sheets and distribute the heat more evenly. Very easy to maintain,you just need to clean it with a damp cloth. The brand recommends placing baking paper on the stone or sprinkling the dough with flour to prevent it from sticking during baking. 

7. Solido Pizza Baking Stone

Let’s end this list with a professional pizza stone by Solido. This refractory stone allows you to make traditional pizzas from the comfort of your home. Enjoy it alone or with friends to treat all your guests.

Whether for homemade or frozen pizza, this plate allows you to obtain a perfectly puffed and crispy dough every time. This stone has been designed to ensure excellent baking results for pizzas but also for bread or focaccias.

It offers the experience of a pizza oven from any home oven. This is suitable for traditional, electric or gas ovens. It is also delivered with a wooden shovel and a pizza wheel. Finally, the stone measures 38 x 33 x 1,5 cm and is ideal for standard size pizzas. 

How to choose your pizza stone?

Dimensions and formats

First, you need to consider the interior dimensions of your oven. The stone must be able to enter it! It is better, then, not to take too small a utensil, otherwise you will have to make several batches of pizzas to satiate your family. In addition, a pizza stone that is too small and too thin may crack more easily. You have to be careful in using them.

Their nemesis is the cold, directly after accumulating so much heat. So wait until it is completely cold before taking it out of the oven. The format can also vary because there are round or square stones. If the round shape is the most common, it is good to note that the square stone allows you to cook a larger pizza and the cut, for the division of the slices, easier.


There are pizza stones of all sizes and can be made with many materials. It is this last point that must be taken into account before purchasing. You will be able to find pizza stones in terracotta, like a tagine, but also in ceramic, lava stone or even cordierite. Some materials are more resistant to heat. It is essential to favor them. Remember that you need to put this stone in an oven that is already well heated. Cordierite, for example, withstands temperatures above 1200°.


It is easy to find very thin pizza stones made with materials that will precipitate cooking, at the risk of burning your homemade pizza. Even if the price is a little higher, it is better to choose a thick stone, which will be designed with very conductive materials, and which you can keep for a long time. It is thus quite possible to find a pizza stone of very good quality for less than 50 dollars.

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