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🥇 Best Pepper Mill America’s Test Kitchen Reviews 2021

Let’s find out what our experts think for the best pepper mill america’s test kitchen. More and more people who confess themselves to be kitchen lovers who like to cook at all times to record their own palate or that of their family, so if you are one of these people, you will surely not miss any detail in your kitchen how can the pepper mills be with which we can have our freshly ground pepper at all times to be able to use it in each of our dishes.

In general, they are usually manual, although currently the market has advanced a lot in this regard and there are more and more brands and models that are electric and automatic to give a better experience in our kitchen.

But so that the task of choosing the right pepper mill for your tastes and needs is much easier, below we propose a guide with the most modern and effective ones that exist in the current market.

And there is no doubt that pepper and spices in general have been gaining ground in our kitchen and in all our dishes, so having an ideal tool to grind these spices is essential today.

Therefore, with this guide we will show you the best characteristics and benefits of each of the models, as well as the materials from which they are made, their prices and other characteristics that you need to know when choosing a specific one according to your own needs.

That is why in this guide we are going to give you some guidelines to know how you should choose the one that best suits your tastes of your needs according to its characteristics and its way of use, among other things.

List of best pepper mill america’s test kitchen

  1. Fletchers’ Mill Federal Pepper Mill
  2. Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Classic Pepper Mill
  3. Le Creuset Salt Mill 8 inch
  4. WMF Ceramill Electric Salt/Pepper Mill
  5. Peugeot Paris u’Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill
  6. Urban Noon – Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

1. Fletchers’ Mill Federal Pepper Mill

If you are looking for one that has a beautiful design to give an elegant touch to your kitchen, without a doubt this Fletchers’ Mill Federal Pepper Mill is ideal for you since they offer great features such as a wooden tank in which you will see the pepper that is dying mixing perfection with the full wooden body, that gives a high quality to this grinder. Regarding its own characteristics, we can see that it is very easy and fast to use that its manual operation will offer too much resistance.

In addition to this, it also offers a high capacity of about 200 grams for which we should not fill too much. Another feature is its ease of washing as it is easily washed and offers a lifetime quality by the manufacturer in case of any type of problem.

2. Zassenhaus Speyer 5.1-Inch Classic Pepper Mill

If you like classic models like the previous one, we can also bet on this Zassenhaus forest Classic Pepper Mill , a pepper mill with which we can have the greatest utility with a classic style since it is a utensil similar to the one we have always had in our home.

With it we can grind this species manually thanks to its easy turn, easy activation and a great design with large measures that will help us grind our Pepper in an easy and comfortable way.

It is a very elegant model that is made of classic materials such as beech wood in dark tones finished off with an inner steel bar to help activate the grinder and a lid closure. Its design is elegant and traditional and measures 16 centimeters. It is a high quality cheap product that allows us to modernize pepper in an easy, comfortable and simple way.

There are different versions of this same model, we show you the most compact, the 120 mm capacity.

3. Le Creuset Salt Mill 8 inch

We continue with one of the best rated on Amazon. It is a manual grinder that is available in many colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, etc.

We like it because it is made of ABS plastic, but it has a ceramic mechanism.

It is very hard and resistant, it has the following measurements: 6.2 x 6.2 x 20.8 cm and a capacity of 100 grams.

4. WMF Ceramill Electric Salt/Pepper Mill

We move on to this model which is electric. It is one of the best options if you do not want to have to make too much effort. In addition, it includes an LED lamp so that you can see the plate where you want to add the pepper.

It is made of Zebra wood, the mechanism is ceramic and its height is 21.5 cm.

5. Peugeot Paris u’Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill

Finally, we have this manual grinder made of beech wood. We like it because it is from the Peugeot brand and because it has very good ratings.

It has a double row of teeth with the aim of being efficient and a height of 22 cm. It is chocolate colored.

6. Urban Noon – Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

The second place on the list of our comparison is occupied by a classic-style pepper mill such as this Urban Noon classics model with which we can also have a matching salt shaker. One of the characteristics of this set is that both utensils are made of high quality material made from stainless steel, which offers high resistance that allows easy and comfortable cleaning. In addition to this, this model offers great versatility so that in addition to pepper we can grind other types of spices and herbs to keep them fresh at all times.

This pepper mill has an automatic grinding that activates the upper area and that allows us to choose the thickness we want to use, despite its traditional classic design, it also contains an LED light that helps us see the result and gives it a touch of elegance and a modern touch to our grinder.

I had wanted to buy some for years and I did not decide until I saw these, very good value for money. They are of very good quality, the grinder is great and has a very clear and effective graduation, the light on the base seems silly but it is very useful to see what you are actually pouring. They are big, but not too much, also take 6 AAA batteries.

Buying Guide: Tips for Buying Pepper Grinders

Although all types and models of pepper mills have the same utility, that is, grinding the peppercorns to keep it fresh at all times, the truth is that each of these types and models have different characteristics. make them unique and special and what we want to have in our kitchen. That is why, below, we give you a small guide to know what characteristics you should look for when making your perfect purchase.

Grinder capacity

One of the characteristics in which we must leave that is the capacity of the mill. This aspect is one of the most important that we must take into account when comparing the different types and models since although everything was designed for the same thing, the truth is that some have more capacity than others so if you have in mind to use A large amount of this type of spices is best to choose one with a large grinding capacity while you continue to bite it in small quantities, this grinder should have a smaller grinding capacity.

In addition, as we can see today, there are more and more models that offer users an electrical system that facilitates the task of grinding peppercorns, a system that usually works with batteries and that greatly facilitates this task by reducing effort what to do here you just have to press a button to grind the pepper in the easiest, most convenient and practical way possible. Other models include different positions to be able to grind the grains according to the intensity you want to have greater versatility in your dishes and to be able to include this spice in the thickness that best suits you in each of your dishes.

How can we deduce, the models that include this intensity versatility are somewhat more expensive so you should see if you are really interested in having this type of performance. We can also see some models that offer very resistant demolished wheels to be used with other elements such as salt and other spices such as parsley or oregano among other things. Therefore, you should look at these characteristics and be very clear about what your own needs will be when choosing your pepper mill.


Another step that we must take into account when buying one is the material from which the grinder itself is made. Although there is a great infiniti of materials, the truth is that we find three types of materials.

Wooden pepper mills

They are the best sellers among which are included wood, which is the most traditional material and the one with the largest measures and that has some advantages such as its great durability and its more rustic appearance that also serves as an object of decoration. However, pepper mills made of wood tend to give more problems when cleaning since grease stains and other elements are more difficult to remove.

Stainless steel pepper mills

On the other hand, we also have models made of metal, aluminum and that can be mixed with other materials such as glass and high-resistance plastics. These types of models are usually very elegant and very showy so they will not serve as a great decoration object thanks to their incredible designs .

If you are going to choose a pepper mill made of this type of material, you should bear in mind that you should look for one that is easy to clean.

Plastic pepper mill

Finally, the third material that we usually find more abundantly are the pepper mills made of plastic that have the great advantage of their good resistance and their cheaper price, although the truth is that their design is the most austere and they are not the best at the best. time to decorate.

Electric salt and pepper mill

If we do not want to have to make efforts, it is best that we opt for a grinder that is electric. They usually work with batteries and will do all the work for us, we just have to put the right batteries and press a button to make it work.

Where to buy professional pepper mills?

In Amazon you can find all kinds of grinders: salt, pepper, manual, electric, etc. In addition, you can receive it at home without having to go out to buy it.

How much money should I spend on my grinder?

Grinders can be very cheap if they have a small capacity or if they are private labels. However, the more capacity they have and the better brand they are, the more expensive they will be.

  • Cheap pepper mills (Less than $10) – We can find some small capacity manuals.
  • Mid-range pepper mills (Between $10 and $20) – We found a slightly larger and wooden model.
  • Quality pepper mills (More than $20) – If you want it electric or from a recognized brand, one of these will be the best option.

Advantages of a pepper mill

One of the main advantages of having a pepper mill is that we can grind the seeds of this species at any time to be able to add it to our meat dishes, vegetables, salads, legumes or any type of dish that we want. to have the pepper fresh at all times and that if it gives much more flavor to our meals and we can benefit from all the properties that a spice such as pepper has.

And is that by having fresh pepper at all times we can have a good balance of fatty acids and all the vitamins that this spice gives us at all times guaranteed.

Another advantage that it gives us is the convenience of being able to grind the grains of this species in a fast and very comfortable way thanks to a very useful and effective instrument.

And it is a tool that also helps us to give a touch of elegance to our dishes since this type of spice is also used to decorate meals.


In this way we finish our comparative analysis of the different models of pepper mills available in the current market. We hope that this analysis and this comparison has been to your liking and that it can help you decide on the model that best suits your own tastes and needs.

If you have any kind of doubt, question or suggestion you can send it to us through the comments of this article or our contact form as well as through our different social networks in which we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible since we are at your service entirely disposition.

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