Best Manual Can Opener America’s Test Kitchen

Best Manual Can Opener America’s Test Kitchen 2021

A can opener is a common utensil that we all find in our kitchen drawer. We need at all costs this daily essential for aperitifs and family lunches. But, among the many variations that exist on the market, we no longer know which one to choose. So, the main thing is to focus on the practicality of the machine.

We take into account its manufacturing materials and ease of use. The design of the Kenwood CO600 Can Opener is eye- catching at first glance. With this format, the tool is stable and secure. Tefal K2070514 Ingenio Kitchen Utensil Can Opener also captivates with its ergonomics and versatility. He gets rid of cans and bottles of beer and soda. 

Using preserves in the kitchen is so common that almost everyone needs a can opener. However, that it is such an everyday object does not mean that it can be bought lightly. We have prepared this guide to make it easier for you to find the one you need. Now, to achieve this you will have to take into account all your information.

The most important

  • A can opener is designed to open cans by removing the top or the lid. It is always sought to carry out this operation with total safety. The first models were somewhat complicated to use, but over time they have evolved and are becoming easier to use.
  • The can opener has a blade that is inserted into the lid of the can. Afterwards, it is rotated around it to open it. In the case of electric can openers, the process is much simpler, faster and with little effort.
  • Do you know what the blade of your can opener should look like? What model should you choose if you are going to use this utensil a lot or if you want to take it out of the house? You will find the answer to these and other questions in our section “Purchase criteria”.

List of the best manual can opener america’s test kitchen

  1. Tefal K2070514 Ingenio Can Opener
  2. Nogent 3 Etoiles 4030 G Super-Kim Can Opener
  3. Tupperware Ergonomic Can Opener
  4. OneTouch Jar Opener
  5. Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener
  6. Aboonlys Manual Bottle Tin Opener

1. Tefal K2070514 Ingenio Can Opener

Magazines and many other sites keep bringing us the list of trendy and cutting edge items. Considered the most efficient of its range, the Tefal Ingenio model does not fail to impress customers.

The brand was not lacking in ingenuity when it designed the device. Practical, it manages to process different kinds of preserves. Its use remains safe given the presence of silicone ring which serves as an anti-slip. This preserves the hands of the device blade.

The tool shows a long service life. Moreover, the brand is recognized internationally for these multiple properties. The accessory holds up well against rust and high temperatures of around 230 ° C. It does not stain easily. Its steel structure makes it easy to maintain. It can even integrate the dishwasher. We recommend it to anyone who continues to wonder which is the best can opener america’s test kitchen on the market. 

Confirmed robustness : Indeed, the structure is renowned for its solidity. Much of what many consider the best can opener comes in steel.

Ingenious : The ergonomic format and the nature of its blade remain the key to its practicality. In a jiffy, you can open any can.

Safe: The non-slip silicone ring ensures the safety of the person. He puts his fingers away from the blade.

2. Nogent 3 Etoiles 4030 G Super-Kim Can Opener

The classic format of this device is one of its major strengths. We are not dealing with a complex article. The tool remains simple and fits in a pocket. You can put it in the car, in backpacks or even store it discreetly at the back of the kitchen drawer. There is no reason to doubt its solidity. Its sturdy structure derives from the steel the item has been tempered in and then chrome plated over nickel. 

The handles that are used to operate the gadget are coated with a layer of plastic. This increases the comfort when using the device. The tool is corrosion resistant and will not rust easily.

The hardened steel blade effectively slits all cans. The device is just as safe. He crimped the rim of the jar at the same time he opened it. The user does not run the risk of injuring himself.

Practical: The compactness of this element makes it functional. We can thus classify it discreetly at the bottom of a drawer. You can also take it outside for a picnic or endless aperitifs with friends.

Solid: The steel structure testifies to its robustness. Its sharp blades do not wear out on first use. The product is more resistant to corrosion and rust.

3. Tupperware Ergonomic Can Opener

It is the originality of the structure of this element that sets it apart from its peers. Customers are captivated by the device just by seeing its shape. Moreover, this brand is used to making a difference by offering high-end items with a unique style. Available in two tones, the tool appeals to more people. This utensil also translates as an excellent gift idea. We can offer it to our loved ones or our work colleagues, during special events.

We feel comfortable handling the device which is ergonomic. Just place it on top of the can and spin it around until you hear a click. The instrument is conveniently cleaned.

It is dishwasher safe. Customers decide to wash it by hand to keep its quality as well as possible. In many ways, this tool is ideal for those who want to find where to buy the best can opener.   

Easy maintenance: The accessory does not need specific care. It does not lose its effectiveness even if it is cleaned in the dishwasher. But, you can also maintain it by hand using a sponge, washing-up liquid and a little water.

Simple to Use : The way to use this dessert can opener appeals to those who don’t want to worry. You just have to place it on the can and turn the crank to open the container.

4. OneTouch Jar Opener

The majority of customers want to avoid having to worry about complicated devices. Some do not find the interest of acquiring variations which require strength. Thus, this model offered by the One Touch brand corresponds best to those who like ease. This tool works automatically. A control button is located on the top of the utensil. You press this command to turn it on. 

The appliance automatically adapts to the size of the can. It attaches to it, turns around the cover and opens it little by little. Indeed, it is suitable for treating all diameters, between 3 and 8 cm. He then overcomes any jar (olives, pickles, corn, mayonnaise and others).

We also notice the ergonomics of the structure. Oval in shape, it does not clutter when it is time to store it. The user is also not obliged to keep the accessory in hand during the entire procedure. He keeps his hands free. It is addressed to those who are wondering where to buy a new can opener.

Easy to use : Just place the device above the jar so that it adapts to the size of the lid. The operation does not require any intervention on your part. We just operate the control button to turn it on.

Proven effectiveness: This utensil is functional. It plays its role well and does not fail to open all types of preserves. 

6. Aboonlys Manual Bottle Tin Opener

The Bang Shou brand has a highly valued manual can opener for professional and domestic use. It is a three-in-one model, since it also works as a bottle opener and as a lever to open certain containers. One of the characteristics that stands out of the product is that it is made of stainless steel, which is a material that is very resistant to use.

The non-slip handle of this can opener allows easy use, in just a few seconds you will have the can completely open. The North American organization FDA has it approved as suitable for use in food. This means that it can come into contact with products intended for this purpose, without harming the health of its users.

Buying Guide

The market is full of canned foods. To be able to enjoy these delicacies, it becomes essential to obtain reliable merchandise from the best brand of can opener. Practical, ergonomic, easy to use … multiple criteria must be taken into account to be able to find this rare pearl. So, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the following tips to be able to orient yourself easily.


To avoid wasting energy on jars that are difficult to open, you need a revolutionary can opener. Brands continue to offer multiple variations of these tools. There are plenty of alternatives. Only, to find a device corresponding to everyone’s expectations, for a cheap model for example, it is important to take into consideration the design of the utensil. This characteristic often depends on the ease of use of the article. Its aesthetics also count even if it is often found in the kitchen drawer.    


This point determines the ease of use of the machine. So, before deciding which can opener to choose, it is important to measure its weight and size. For electric models, professionals prioritize ovals. With this structure, one can easily hold and handle the device without risking endangering one’s fingers. Other examples are unveiled with a solid base and non-slip feet that hold them in place. Those who do not use the product on a daily basis should prefer compact equipment that does not clutter the kitchen.  

The style 

Among the alternatives on the market, there are the devices that follow you everywhere. With its compact size, the tool can accompany us on outdoor excursions or even on vacation. Often times, these odds and ends cost less than their peers.

In addition, variations can be integrated directly on the table or on the kitchen worktop. These are aimed at catering professionals. They appreciate them for their high efficiency, their practicality, but also and particularly their resistance. These tools remain straight despite intensive use. However, we cannot deny their rather unreasonable price (from around thirty euros and which can reach heights).

The mechanism

Electric: Smart cooking makes our lives a lot easier. Thus, electric can openers are part of this range. Their mode of operation relieves us of any effort whatsoever. All it takes is a push of the control button and the device does the job on its own. We just have to wait until everything is finished. In a few seconds, you discover the contents of the can without lifting a finger.  

Manual, dial or others: Nothing obliges conservators to turn to electric instruments. Many brands produce equipment that is operated manually. These accessories show many advantages in use. Their designs have been improved to reduce the effort required and the cranks are more and more sophisticated.

In addition, it is also found that these devices display a longer lifespan. The majority of these tools are made of sturdy metal. To this end, they are resistant to time, impact and corrosion. They don’t rust if you take care of them properly.   

What types of manual can openers are there?

In the 18th century, airtight cans were used to make the preserves last longer. But it wasn’t until the middle of that century. Fortunately, the rudimentary opening methods that were being used were left behind. Today there are different manual models, below we review the main ones.

  • Blued. Surely you remember your grandmother trying to learn how to use this compass-shaped can opener in your childhood. It must have seemed to you that you had to be an engineer to do it. You had to stick the blade into the lid and then move it up and down, while spinning around the canning. Of course, you will still find it in many homes.
  • Butterfly. This can opener is sure to remind you of your childhood too. Its use is very similar to the previous one, although its characteristic butterfly shape makes it easier.
  • With corkscrew. They are the ones that are usually taken camping or used by waiters in a bar. Its operation is similar to the previous ones, but even easier to use. In addition, they are two in one, since they include a corkscrew.
  • Pincers. It is shaped like a pincer and can be mistaken for a nutcracker. It has a blade that digs into the lid and then you just have to twist it around the can.
  • Side. They are very easy to use thanks to the handle they incorporate. They have a side cut design and as you move this handle the can opens.
  • 3 in 1. They have different designs and incorporate a bottle opener and a lever. Its use is very simple and they manage to open the can easily. In the review of the best models you have seen a couple of examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does a can opener work? 

It depends on the model you have. Some that are electric work with a control button. Just place them on top of the box and press on it. The device then takes care of cutting the cover in one turn.

Manual models are operated using thumb wheels. We start by correctly placing the box on the structure. We adjust it to the size of the can and we turn the crank so that the blade operates.  

Q2: How to use a can opener?

It depends on the device. If you use a manual can opener without a caster, all the work is done by hand. Take the device between your fingers, gently place the blade of the tool above the jar. We press to introduce it into the structure and we go around the circle while remaining vigilant. For versions equipped with a motor, it is enough to place them on the box so that the work is done by itself and without any assistance.

Q3: How to open a tin can without a can opener?

The first solution prompts us to turn to a knife. We need a sturdy and sharp tool. It is placed on the edges of the box. We hold it with one hand and take care of the can with the other. We tape this set on a rigid support or directly on the ground. We then obtain a small opening. Gently saw off the lid, following the rim of the can. Once you have gone around, you gently remove the flap and pour the contents onto a plate. You have to be careful because without the right gestures, you risk injuring yourself with the blades of the knife or the edges of the can.

The other solution is to rub the tin can on concrete. We start by turning the jar upside down, on the sidewalk for example. We use its edges by rubbing it on. We keep this rhythm for two to three minutes. And just press the edges for the top to come off on its own. You have to operate gently to prevent the jar from exploding and the inside spilling out everywhere.  

Q4: How to use a wheel can opener?

Just gently turn the dial to get the blade to move around and around the lid. She cuts it gently, while smoothing the edges. Many of us go wrong in proceeding vertically. But, try to keep the device horizontal. It then becomes easier to proceed.

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