Best Immersion Blender America's Test Kitchen

The 6 Best Immersion Blender America’s Test Kitchen Reviews 2021

When it comes to preparing quick food you need the best immersion blender america’s test kitchen. It can be a smoothie, a soup or a dessert, it is not necessary to use a large blender, it is best to use a hand mixer, it turns a tedious task into something easy and fast.

The problem is that there are so many models available on the market that it is sometimes difficult to get the right one right .

For that reason we have brought you this comparison with the best hand mixers on the market, so that you only have to worry about processing the food that you like the most.

The hand mixer is more convenient for various preparations. The choice of a model is however not obvious, if its use is not specified. This is not the only criterion to consider, to acquire what really corresponds to your needs.

It is important to find out everything that is out there. To help you save time, we have singled out a few models that are among the users’ favorites. Cuisinart HM-70C stands out with its 7 speeds that can be changed from a single touch. Braun MQ505 is multitasking, and fits all accessories.

List of best immersion blender america’s test kitchen

  1. Cuisinart HM-70C Power Advantage Manual Blender
  2. Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender
  3. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer
  4. SHARDOR Hand Mixer Electric Handheld Mixer
  5. Moulinex – Hand-held Blender Moulinex DD866A10
  6. Decen 6 Speed Electric Hand Mixer

1. Cuisinart HM-70C Power Advantage Manual Blender

This Cuisinart hand blender features 7 different speed options. With the simple touch of a sliding button, you can change the pace, depending on the preparation you are doing. Finding the right consistency for any mix is ‚Äč‚Äčeasy. 

This appliance has a power of 220 W. It is equipped with an automatic return system. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you will have no trouble handling it. It is a tool with a durable structure, if you are looking for which hand blender to choose. 

The stems are easy to remove for washing. Moreover, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The device is accompanied by a spatula and a whisk. There is also a user manual and a cookbook from which you can draw ideas to surprise the whole family. Its elegant design and color bring a sparkle to your kitchen, whatever the style.

2. Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender

To find the best brand of hand blenders, don’t hesitate to turn to Braun. This MQ505 model is distinguished by its durable steel handle, and bell-shaped. The blade is protected inside the bell. This avoids splashing. This also allows for a smoother texture. 

This appliance is equipped with a durable German 300 W motor. The black handle is easy to handle, and has a non-slip material. It has 2 buttons to adjust the speed, according to your needs.

With this tool, you can mix food, chop and mash it without difficulty. Making purees becomes a pleasure. The bell shank comes off, just by turning it. It is interchangeable with a whisk, which you will use to beat the egg whites or other pastries. This Braun hand blender comes with a container to help you prepare fruit juices or blend your vegetables for soup.

3. KitchenAid 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

This KitchenAid KHM512ER model is characterized by its 5 speeds, which you can choose from, according to the desired mixture. It is worth a visit, if you are looking for where to buy the best hand blender. It is light compared to its peers, other brands, because it weighs less than a kilo. 

This device has 2 rods with rounded bottom, which also play the role of a whip. These beaters are made of stainless steel and are easy to maintain. Smooth in shape, they do not clog. With a simple button, they can be removed to be washed.

The cord can be locked, so that delicate foods can be mixed. This KitchenAid hand blender isn’t too loud, and it’s reasonably priced. It is suitable for professional use. It even secures the cookie dough. The power of 170W is not for those who like high speed, but it’s just fine, so as not to splash the pasta all over the place.

4. SHARDOR Hand Mixer Electric Handheld Mixer

If you are looking for a cheap, yet capable blender, consider this Shardor model. You don’t need to worry about storage. The device and all its accessories come in a small box. 

This equipment is equipped with a 350W motor, powerful enough to make all the mixes you can imagine in your kitchen. There are 5 speeds that you can use, depending on the preparations. The device also features a turbo option which manages speeds with a slow start to prevent splashing.

This appliance comes with 2 rods, 2 dough hooks, and a whisk. Everything is stainless steel. This facilitates maintenance and conservation. All accessories can be cleaned in the dishwasher. To remove the rods, simply press the eject button. Whether you are making light or thick pasta, this blender helps you in all circumstances. The ergonomic handle makes it even easier to use.

5. Moulinex – Hand-held Blender Moulinex DD866A10

Moulinex mixers are among the best known and most sold in the sector and they have managed to adapt their models by incorporating new functionalities and accessories. This Moulinex DD866A10 is a good example, starting with the 750 watts of its motor , very close to the most powerful on the market.

The blades are another of the great assets of this appliance. To manufacture them, they have incorporated ActivFlow technology, which consists of a single blade, in turn composed of 2 flat blades with the edge facing inward so as not to stop mixing . To these are added another 2 curved blades with the edge outwards so that the food can grip well .

Obviously to handle that power and those blades we need proper control.

In this way, we can choose between 20 different speeds using a wheel . It also offers us to use the Turbo mode , just by holding down a button.

The model includes several accessories with a specific use to multiply its effectiveness. Apart from the rods and the measuring cup , the chopper with a capacity of 500 milliliters , the emulsifier and an accessory for sauces , ideal for lovers of these, stand out.

6. Decen 6 Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Finding a good hand blender is not that complicated, due to the plurality of brands on the market. This Aicok model, manufactured by Decen, stands out with its silver design. It is made entirely of stainless steel, a durable material. It has been designed with a multi-hole system, which helps in the evacuation of heat. 

The appliance works with 6 different speeds, which you can use, depending on the food to be mixed. In addition, it has a turbo button for express mixes. The 300W motor is powerful enough for all your culinary preparations. You don’t need to search for other devices. 

In addition, this hand mixer comes with two rods for thick dough, and two more for various foods. You only need to press a button to remove the chopsticks. Cleaning can be done by hand or in the dishwasher.

Buying Guide – How To Choose A Good immersion blender america’s test kitchen

After having defined the use that you are going to make of your device, you will have to take into account certain criteria such as power, speed, as well as any accessories that come with it. Obviously, you should not neglect its durability. Find out more in this buying guide for the best hand blenders.

Intended use

The first thing you need to think about is how you are going to use this device. The other criteria depend on it. Some models are intended for mixing solid foods. Others are effective, only with liquids. There are models made for preparing baby food. If you are looking for the best hand blender for blending vegetables, you are spoiled for choice.

Manufacturers also offer devices capable of grinding, chopping, and mixing. So choose your mixer, according to your needs. It’s up to you whether you need a machine for a specific task, or you prefer something that you can adapt as needed.

The power 

The power of the hand mixer is of great importance in choosing the most efficient. This criterion influences the number of revolutions per minute performed by the device. Domestic models generally have a power of 100 W to 750 W. It all depends on the desired result. A powerful device makes it possible to obtain a more fluid and homogeneous texture in a short time. With a low capacity mixer, you have to persevere to get to the consistency you want.

More powerful mixers exist for use in the workplace. It’s the kind of appliance for restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, and people who need a quick mix. This is why it is necessary to consult a comparison to choose the appropriate model.

Available speeds

Special purpose models usually have a single speed, or two at the most. Which doesn’t give you a lot of choice as to what foods to grind with. There are, however, mixers with several speeds. With just one machine, you have the possibility to mix all types of food. Just change the speed, to match the task at hand. If you want to know how to choose the best hand blenders of 2021, consider such devices.

By using a multi-speed tool, you don’t need other devices or a lot of accessories. With the help of a small button, you switch from one function to another. However, the machine has the obligation to be robust, because it will be used often, in almost all the preparations. It may cost more than other models because it represents a long term investment. A lot of years will pass before you start looking for where to buy a new hand blender.

The accessories 

A hand blender always consists of a housing that contains the motor and the rods that you dip into the food, to make the mixture. The two parts come off when the rod is going to wash. In most cases, the rod can be replaced with a different accessory, such as a whisk or a cleaning brush. Sometimes these other components are sold separately. This will have to be taken into account when determining how to buy a hand blender that is better value for money.

Other devices come with a bowl. So you do not need to look for another container to make your mixtures. Some models come with a measuring spout, which is very convenient, if it is necessary to measure the amount of the preparation, such as baby soup. A small bag to store the blender, and its accessories, is also welcome. There are manufacturers who have thought about it, to make their devices last even longer.

The importance of design

More often than not, when looking for the best hand blender on the market, you forget about the design of the device, prioritizing functionality. This kind of tool is not only used in the kitchen. Some are intended to serve in front of diners. 

If you happen to prepare fresh juices during a small cocktail with friends, you will be proud to show off your hand blender, if it has an elegant design. A pattern for making dressing is also known to appear on the dining table. He had better be presentable. A small blender for the bottle should match the size of the bottle. 

All of these tips will certainly help you choose the hand blender that will solve all your mixing problems. Be sure to take a look at the sturdiness and the price to gauge if the purchase will pay off for you.

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