Best Ice Cream Scoop America's Test Kitchen

The 6 Best Ice Cream Scoop America’s Test Kitchen Reviews 2021

Its almost impossible to get a perfect scoops of ice cream without the best ice cream scoop america’s test kitchen. It is for this reason that you must equip yourself with the right utensil. Before buying one, for example, you should know that there are different types of ice cream scoop that you can choose from.

You must also pay attention to the materials of manufacture of these, their ergonomics and the technologies they benefit from. Our buying guide allows you to find out a little more. Don’t you have time to study each product one by one? Do you just need a referral?

You can choose between two first choice models which are the Midnight Scoop and the OXO Good Grips. Ruggedly constructed, the former is rust resistant. It has a handle incorporating rubber and is easy to clean. The second has a unique design. In terms of performance, it is solid and is able to unmold ice cream coming out of the freezer.

List of the best ice cream scoop america’s test kitchen

  1. Midnight Scoop – Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper for Hard Ice Cream
  2. OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop
  3. Isenretail Best Summer Ice Cream Spoon
  4. Brabantia Profile Line Stainless Steel Utensils Thermal Ice Scoop
  5. WMF Ice-Cream Scoop
  6. LACOR Ice Cream Scoop

1. Midnight Scoop – Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper for Hard Ice Cream

This Midnight Scoop is perfect for those who no longer want to struggle with the hardest ice cream. Thanks to its design and shape, this spoon easily penetrates the hardest ice creams. Its design adapts just as well to ice cream as to the person making it. Its ergonomic handle allows a good grip?

Indeed, before buying it, make sure that the handle is neither too big nor too small. In order to preserve your health, hygiene and safety of your ice creams, this Midnight Scoop does not contain any chemical antifreeze which could contaminate your food. You are therefore in total safety with this utensil. In addition, like the majority of the brand’s products, this one is compatible with a dishwasher.

However, it is recommended that you clean it by hand to effectively preserve its sharpness. If you particularly like that your utensils all have a stylish and unique design, you can choose this product. With its white color and design, this ice cream scoop will honor your kitchen. Finally, another advantage of the product is that this spoon is not expensive. Its price-performance ratio is reasonable.

If you are looking for the best performing ice cream scoop, the Midnight Scoop is sure to make you happy. Its design and all the details concerning it are thus made in order to provide an optimized performance.

2. OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

We consider it the best ice cream scoop because on the one hand it has a superb finish and on the other hand this utensil exudes high quality. The OXO ice cream scoop is made with stainless steel which makes it sturdy.

Indeed, unlike other spoons which bend easily after intensive use, this one is robust and solid in the long term. Indeed, when the pot of ice cream is well filled, it is sometimes difficult to remove the ice cream, you must have a spoon with a thick and sturdy handle like the OXO to achieve this. Thanks to its handle with non-slip rubber, this ice cream scoop will not slip out of your hands when you work with it.

In addition, this rubber also helps prevent freezing of your hands. Its surface has been treated with polished steel to facilitate the molding as well as the release of a perfect ball. Also treated against rust, this ice cream scoop won’t give you a hard time when it’s time to clean up.

In addition, this ice cream scoop can be used as a tablespoon or a fruit spoon. Thanks to its solidity already proven with the toughest ice creams, this spoon can be used to empty fruits such as melons, watermelons or even yogurt.

Want to have a good quality and cheapest ice cream scoop that can allow you to make perfect scoops? The OXO is the one for you. In addition, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

3. Isenretail Best Summer Ice Cream Spoon

It’s a sturdy ice cream scoop. Users appreciate its ergonomic and modern design. It has a neat and elegant finish. Its color will harmonize with the elements present in your kitchen.

This model is made of zinc alloy, a strong and resistant material. However, some users who do not appreciate this material would have liked this ice cream scoop to be made of stainless steel.

Isenretail IH58010 sports an attractive design. It is an ice cream scoop that displays an elegant and ultra modern look. With its metallic gray color, it will easily find its place among your tools and kitchen utensils, while highlighting the style of the room.

The weight of this product is quite large compared to other models of ice cream scoops. Indeed, it weighs about 120 g. But even if it is a little heavy, it remains very effective during its use and it will give you results in accordance with your expectations.

This model has perfectly adapted dimensions (length: 19 cm, width: 4.5 cm and thickness: 2.5 cm). It is not bulky. You can easily store it in a drawer, in boxes or at the level of the storage units provided for your cutlery or kitchen utensils.

A good ice cream scoop should be strong. The robustness and solidity of this model are guaranteed by the quality of its manufacturing material: zinc alloy. The latter offers a combination of hardness, resistance to impact and friction.

Entirely made with this material, this tool has a robustness and a resistance to any test. Thus, it is a model designed to promise you long term use. It will keep its original appearance even if you use it intensively.

4. Brabantia Profile Line Stainless Steel Utensils Thermal Ice Scoop

The Brabantia brand presents us with this model 312304 a very resistant ice cream scoop. Indeed, the ice that comes out of the freezer can be molded immediately without waiting for a break to defrost. Thanks to its handle made with metal, this spoon is of a sturdy and solid construction.

If you have a wall-mounted utensil holder or other, you can hang this utensil on this utensil holder with its wall bar. Regarding its maintenance, you can note that this Brabantia ice cream scoop is dishwasher safe. Gone are the arduous chores spent cleaning up traces of ice on the spoon.

Otherwise, if you want to wash it by hand, you just have to do it with hot water to loosen the ice more easily. If you want to answer the question what is the best ice cream scoop on the market, then you will probably find an idea for an answer with a simple but effective model.

Manufactured by one of the leading European cookware companies, the Brabantia 312304 Ice Cream Scooper has all the features required to provide more performance and maneuverability.

5. WMF Ice-Cream Scoop

Our comparison of the ice cream scoop continues with a model of the ice tongs type. This WMF ice cream tong is a light spoon (only 100 g) and yet very resistant. It can serve even the toughest scoops of ice cream. In less time, you will be able to make beautiful scoops of ice cream with this tool in hand.

Because it’s made with 18/10 stainless steel, this ice cream scoop won’t rust no matter what you use it for. Moreover, stainless steel as a kitchen utensil is recognized for its strength and its odor-neutral properties. If you use this WMF ice cream tongs for ice cream or fruit, the smell will not persist on the tongs. Moreover, this utensil can also serve as a rice portioner.

A final word on its maintenance, this WMF ice tongs is dishwasher safe but you can still clean it manually if you want.

Where to buy the best ice cream scoop? Difficult to find the right answer without going through a comparison. Here we offer you WMF 18.8029.9990. This spoon remains neutral to odors and tastes, and is resistant to food acids.

6. LACOR Ice Cream Scoop

If you like classic, heavy-duty ice cream scoops, then this is the utensil for you. Crafted from a solid metal, this ice cream scoop scores good value for money with its sturdiness. Allowing you to make beautiful scoops of ice cream, this Lacor 67053 washes manually and is easy to maintain.

Whether you serve ice cream, sherbet or like to portion scoop different types of foods or preparations, this ice cream scoop will do the trick. Its mechanism is very easy, which gives it very appreciable ergonomics. Thanks to its design, this teaspoon from a famous Spanish brand can be stored in a basket, in a drawer or to hang.

If you also want to use an ice cream scoop like the great chefs, then turn to this product. The Lacor 67053 is probably neither the cheapest nor the best performing ice cream scoop on the market, but at least it can answer the question of how to choose the best ice cream scoops of 2021 .

Which ice cream scoop to choose? Why not take a leap into the big leagues and choose a model of great renown? If you are looking for quality, the Lacor 67053 may be right for you and its features will only persuade you.

How to choose the best ice cream scoop?

At first glance, it seems like a simple whim, but those of us who constantly prepare homemade ice cream and love to offer our guests a glass of fresh ice cream, we value that it is beautifully presented to offer an authentic experience, as if it were an ice cream parlor, there it becomes necessary. Get the best ice cream scoop on the market. To have it, we just have to be attentive to the following details:


If you do not want your ice cream scoop to end up bent like a dessert spoon or to end up broken, it is best to think about the quality of the materials that have been used in the construction of your ice cream scoop. It can be made of a single material, but it is usually a combination of two, for example plastic and stainless steel.


Good materials are useless if the construction and design are not ideal, so make sure that its handle is comfortable to handle and that it is not too long or short, for example.


This varies depending on the brand and model you are going to buy, but it is true that it is something to take into account. It is important to know if the manufacturer will give you money back or if they can make you a free replacement and how long this guarantee will last.

How much to invest

We always want the best option that is also the least expensive on the market and there is no one to blame us for that. But the best thing is that we focus on its quality rather than its price. If it is too cheap, I advise you to put a magnifying glass on its materials and construction to see if it will really be a lasting investment. A good model can be above $10.

Care and maintenance

In general, it is usually a simple utensil to clean and maintain. However, it is true that it is convenient to wash before and after using the ice cream scoop. The dishwasher is not an option for most of the models on the market, but it is true that it can be easily washed by hand with the help of a sponge and dish soap.

The ergonomics of the ice cream scoop

After going over these basic features, now is the time to figure out where to buy a new ice cream scoop?

Above all, the ice cream scoop must be easy to use. The risk with a poorly ergonomic model is that you will quickly tire your hand. Be sure to choose a model equipped with a strong and comfortable handle. The models we recommend are those equipped with a thermoplastic elastomeric rubber handle or a BPA-free food handle. These handles are soft to the touch and provide a very firm grip. They are not likely to slip when you use them.

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