BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker Review

BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker Review

The Babycook Solo is an iconic model in the Beaba catalog; it comes in several colors. Very similar in its functions to the Neo Babycook, this baby food robot is however smaller and does not benefit from the same finishes.

BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Reivew


Sold at $149.26, the Babycook Solo is one of the essential robots at Beaba. It is distinguished by its ease of use: a single button allows you to start steam cooking, defrosting, reheating and mixing. According to its manufacturer, 15 minutes are enough for steam cooking. For the rest, this food processor is equipped with a bowl with a capacity of 1,100 ml and comes with a spatula, a mixing lid, a smoothie filter and a small recipe book.

Convenience of employment

This Babycook Solo is one of the most compact robot cookers-mixers on the market. Urbanites in need of space will have no trouble giving it a small place on a worktop or in a kitchen cupboard. This limited size necessarily has an impact on the capacity of its bowl, which amounts to 1,100 ml “only”. This robot is therefore not intended for those who would like to cook in too large a quantity.

Compared to the Neo bowl (which weighs 1.1 kg), the Babycook Solo bowl is very light: 302 g. The first is glass, the second is plastic. However, this plastic seems of good quality: we made about twenty purees with foods that stain (carrots, sweet potatoes, beets), and the bowl did not allow itself to be colored.

The bowl cover is removable, making it easy to clean. It is supplied as an additional accessory. Once installed, all you have to do is lower the hood of the robot, which rises by actuating a trigger and which lowers when you want to start cooking or mixing. The hood is not removable, but completely integrated into the engine block.

The Babycook Solo has a single large central button which also acts as a wheel. When this button is pressed, the Babycook Solo starts to heat up; when you turn the dial to the right, you start mixing. It’s as simple as that.

What is less simple is the filling of the water tank which on the one hand is badly placed and whose opening is a little too narrow: it must be filled with great care to avoid getting it everywhere.

In addition, this water tank is not graduated, so you have to refer to the graduation of the bowl and transfer it into the tank. And without any visibility on the inside of the water tank, we do not really know to what level of scale it is subjected. From there, we imagine the worst!

To find out the amount of water per ingredient, consult the cooking guide in the user manual or the little recipe book (which looks more like a booklet) supplied with the robot. Level 1 is equivalent to 100 ml of water, level 2 to 150 ml, level 3 to 200 ml.

At the end of a cooking cycle, the robot will beep and the light icon on the control panel will start to flash.


The Babycook Solo does not pose much difficulty to be cleaned. The only problem is that Beaba advises against repeated use in the dishwasher which could “cause accelerated aging of the elements “. As for the rest, the cover and the inside of the hood are easy to clean and the knives are removable, which is a good thing.

The manufacturer recommends descaling after 50 cycles: the indicator light on the control button starts flashing red. The procedure to be carried out to descale the tank is detailed in the instructions for use.


Obviously, the water level integrated in the tank has an impact on the cooking time. It takes about 12 minutes for level 1 (100 ml), 17 minutes for level 2 (150 ml) and 21 minutes for level 3 (200 ml).

The Babycook Solo is very quick to reach and stabilize 100 ° C (temperature measured in the bowl using our temperature probes) since it only takes 3 minutes. Unlike the Babycook Neo, this appliance does not offer gentle steam cooking.

Mixing efficiency

Beaba forces the user to keep the dial turned to the right to perform a mix. This system is still more practical than that of the Babycook Neo on which you have to keep the mix button pressed.

After the first 30 seconds of mixing, there are still pieces of vegetables such as leek or celery. And these pieces are a little big to consider giving them to a baby who is starting to chew. After a minute, the puree is finer, but there are still small pieces left; the blades of the Neo had come to the end of the most stubborn pieces after a minute. For a perfectly smooth appearance, continue mixing for 30 seconds more.


The Babycook Solo is one of the quietest robot cookers for babies in our comparison since its noise level reached only 77 dB (A) during the mixing phase.

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