BEABA Babycook Neo Glass Baby Food Maker Review

BEABA Babycook Neo Glass Baby Food Maker Review

The Babycook Neo food processor from Beaba relies on design and simplicity, but above all on a design and manufacture totally made in France. Not to spoil anything, it promises a gentle steaming to preserve the vitamins.

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Very basic in its functions, the Babycook Neo Beaba is nevertheless a high-end food processor. Figurehead of its manufacturer, it is described as “the best of the robot cookers, steamers and mixers for efficiently and simply preparing homemade baby meals”. Premium positioning requires, the Babycook Neo is sold at a price of $199.99, which makes it for the time being the most expensive baby robot in our comparison. This device owes its price to a 100% manufacture.

Convenience of employment

The Babycook Neo benefits from a very polished design. The engine block is covered in navy blue and baby pink plastic which, luckily, does not catch fingerprints. The bowl is made of glass, usually the material used on high-end robots. Obviously, glass bowls are heavier – here it weighs 1.1 kg – but they are easier to maintain and generally last better through the years (plastic bowls tend to color depending on the food that cooks in them).

The Neo has a capacity of 1250 ml, which is quite comfortable for cooking large amounts of mash. Above the bowl, the plastic cover can be removed and adjusted very easily. Inside, we find the stainless steel basket.

Only two buttons operate on the control panel: one is used for cooking, the other for mixing. Both functions are easily identifiable by their icons. The Babycook Neo also provides a steam defrosting and reheating function via the cooking mode.

The water pan is located at the top of the engine block. It is covered with a small cover which can be removed and closed with a quarter turn. Very appreciable detail, its opening is rather wide. This makes it easier to refill the water and clean it. This reservoir is graduated on three levels: 110 ml (level 1), 130 ml (level 2) and 150 ml (level 3).

Obviously, it is the water level that will determine the cooking time. And to know how much water to integrate for a particular food, the user will have to refer to the cooking guide available in the user manual.

Besides the steamer basket, no accessory is supplied with the Babycook Neo: no small travel jars, no tasting spoon. There is something to tickle given the price positioning of the robot.


The cooking time depends on the water level integrated in the tank: approximately 13 min for level 1 (110 ml), 18 min for level 2 (130 ml) and 24 min for level 3 (150 ml).

The temperature probes confirm Beaba’s promise of gentle cooking, since we recorded 96.4 ° C in the bowl. This robot is therefore able to preserve the vitamins in vegetables. The temperature rise is also very fast, because it takes only 3 minutes to rise to 96.4°C and stabilize the temperature.

Mixing efficiency

To perform a mix, the user must hold the key down ad hoc . This is not necessarily very practical, but allows you to choose the fineness of the mix for your child – the longer you mix, the finer the mix.

After 30 seconds of mixing, there are still a few small pieces of vegetables (leeks and celery in particular), but this thickness is precisely ideal for initiating children to eat in pieces. After one minute of mixing, the result is perfectly smooth. The sharp blades of this Babycook took care of the most difficult to chop vegetables (like celery). The result is very fine and even smooth.


During the mixing phase, the sound level of the Babycook Neo rises to 81 dB (A). It is within the average of the devices tested in our comparison.

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