Babymoov Nutribaby 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker With Steam Cooker Review

Babymoov Nutribaby 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker With Steam Cooker Review

The Nutribaby + is an iconic baby food processor in the Babymoov catalog. Praised by many parents – as evidenced by user reviews – this appliance offers separate cooking of food.

Babymoov Nutribaby 5 in 1 Review


Babymoov is an emblematic childcare player and its Nutribaby + baby food processor has already been in the manufacturer’s catalog for 3 years. This device plays the card of versatility by offering several functions and assuming the role of a 5-in-1 robot: cooker, blender, sterilizer, bottle warmer and defrost. While these options are fairly common in this product category, cooking food separately is less so. Indeed, the Nutribaby + provides two stackable cooking baskets to cook food in the best conditions. Launched at $149.90, this baby robot is also guaranteed “for life” if the purchase was made on the Babymoov site.

Convenience of employment

The Nutribaby + is a little larger robot than the other models tested in our comparison, but Babymoov had the rather ingenious idea of ​​removing the blender part which can help to store the robot in a cupboard.

As you will have noticed, the Nutribaby consists of two parts: left side, the cooker, right side, the blender. In the center, we find the rather sophisticated and long control panel. A clearly visible bar display indicates the duration of the program started. Below, the physical keys allow you to start steam cooking, mixing (on three levels), sterilization, the bottle warmer / reheating of small jars and finally defrosting. For each of these programs, the robot automatically defines a duration. The user can adjust this duration using the selection arrows. Finally, the control panel sports a few icons that light up when the water tank is empty and when it’s time to descale it.

If the general use of this baby robot is not a major problem, a small passage to the instructions for use will not hurt.

The cooking part is made up of several floors. From top to bottom, we find the non-removable water tank on which it is difficult to read the graduation, the cooking water recovery tank, then the two steam baskets which are superimposed one on the other. The cooking side is therefore organized logically.

We tick a little on the barely readable graduation of the water tank as well as on the absence of a spout on the water recovery tank supposed to be used for filling the water tank; However, we appreciate the cooking on several floors which allows food to be cooked in the best conditions. By separating them, it is easier to respect cooking times and preserve vitamins and flavors. We also appreciate the large capacity on the cooking side. The 1,500 ml (750 ml for a steamer basket) allow you to prepare large quantities of puree.

At the end of a cooking program, the robot emits a fairly short sound signal at a fairly low volume.

The mixing part is more complex, because the bowl can only accommodate 750 ml. If you want to mix all the contents of the two steam baskets for mixing, you will have to start over several times. It doesn’t look like much, but in use, it’s really tedious. We once again deplore the absence of a pouring spout which would have made it easier to empty the contents of the steam or recovery water basket into the mixing bowl. Finally, it should be noted that this graduated bowl is made of plastic and therefore light.

Finally, this baby robot is only supplied with a spatula (maryse style), very practical for scraping the sides of the bowl. Babymoov is not very generous, which is rather a shame given the price positioning of the robot. We also note that unlike Babycooks and dBd Remond Chef Robot , the Nutribaby + does not come with any cooking guide.


The maintenance of the Nutribaby + does not pose any particular problem, because all the parts are made of plastic and are light. They are therefore easily cleaned with a sponge. The knives are removable, the mixing bowl cover does not have many gaps that food could get into and the very wide opening of the water tank really makes it easy to clean when there is scale.

Finally, what poses a problem is the multiplication of the elements to be cleaned: the cooking water collection pan, the two steam baskets, the mixing bowl, its cover, the spatula. When you use Nutribaby + every day, maintenance is tedious. Cleaning the Babycook Solo requires less energy.

In its instructions for use, Babymoov advises against putting the various elements in the dishwasher.


Cooking times depend on the water level in the tank. The default time is 10 min when selecting the steam cooking mode.

The passage of water from 20 ° C to 100 ° C is done in just 4 minutes, which is faster than the dbd Remond robot which does this in about ten minutes. After this rapid preheating, the temperature in the steam basket is 100 ° C. Unlike the Babycook Neo, this appliance does not offer gentle steam cooking (around 96 ° C) recommended to preserve the vitamins in vegetables.

Mixing Efficiency

Unlike the Babycooks tested in our comparison, this Babymoov robot provides several mixing levels, which is rather practical for mixing more or less finely. The problem ultimately here is that the blender bowl is too narrow to handle the food in the cooking baskets. And for good reason, its capacity is 750 ml.

When the blender is full, the blades are used to blend the bottom food only and leave the top still whole. This is due to the design of the bowl, which is too narrow, and to the vortex which here does not allow the food to be properly stirred.

To obtain a perfectly homogeneous result, it is necessary to mix small quantities, which is really in contradiction with Babymoov’s promise to cook large portions quickly. Or you can also open the lid and mix the inside of the bowl with the spatula, but again, this is not necessarily ideal.


The Nutribaby + is the quietest robot in our comparison. At the lowest mix level, it outputs 68 dB (A), 70 dB (A) at the middle level, and 71 dB (A) at maximum power. Even when pushed to maximum power, its noise level is lower than any model tested in the lab.

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